Kerith Strano Taylor: Looking Forward

Warren County Democratic Petition Party Kerith Strano TaylorAfter submitting over 1900 petition signatures from 10 Counties, Kerith Strano Taylor is officially announcing her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.  Strano Taylor ran for this seat previously in 2014 against Republican incumbent Glenn “GT” Thompson.  “We didn’t win in 2014,” says Strano Taylor about her last campaign “but we earned a lot of support and we learned important lessons on how to run.  This time we are going to take those lessons and support all the way to victory in November.”

The PA-5, which encompasses all or part of 16 Counties in northwestern PA is geographically the size of one-quarter of the Commonwealth and is the second largest District east of the Mississippi River.  It is with a sense of overwhelming pride that Strano Taylor wants to acknowledge the tremendous effort put in by volunteers and organizers across 10 Counties and thank each one for believing in her message.

At a time when little more than lip-service is given to the concerns of working class people by their elected officials, Strano Taylor cited the need for a representative who will fight to raise income levels for struggling families, protect the right to quality and affordable healthcare, stand in alliance with the Unions who helped build the middle class in this country, and advocate for the moderate, common-sense values of the people of the 5th District, rather than be a stand-in for Washington’s business-as-usual special interests.

“When we see our representative voting for the TPP, a disaster for American workers and local businesses, when we see him voting to eliminate such basic requirements as country-of-origin labeling for the food that we eat, so that those of us who want to support American farmers and producers have no idea where our food is coming from, when we see him voting to give up U.S. sovereignty, it’s time for new representation that puts American workers and businesses first.”

Kerith Strano Taylor is a Family Law Attorney, an Advocate for children’s rights in the Foster Care System, previously a two-term president and still sitting member of her school board, and is widely recognized as an ethical and effective negotiator who can help transform the most heated disagreements into amicable solutions that work for all parties involved.  Kerith lives in Brookville, PA where she is the proud mother of her two children Laurin Elise and Ethan Anthony.

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